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2013-08-24_10.02.17   FIRST RACQUET was created by the founder, Maura Moynihan, Author, Educator and USPTA & USTA Tennis Professional. She has an innate love for tennis and wishes to share the sport with others. Over many years of teaching and playing, she has witnessed how tennis has changed people’s lives. “Not only can tennis keep us healthy and fit, but it’s also a way to make friends.” She believes tennis teams and doubles are avenues for an abundant social life and we can all have fun through good choices.   


 We will stand for  “OLYMPISM”,  A philosophy of life blending sports with culture and education


      To get tennis and pickle ball racquets into the hands of children and to learn the game through reading the Murphy Bear Books. . .    WHY? Knowledge is power and good character traits go hand in hand with each sport! And did you know? “Children who exercise do better in school.”  We are outside, away from technology. We are using our bodies and minds and laughing with friends.  If the saying holds true. . . “Tennis is the Sport of a Lifetime”. . .  starting the sport early can be extra beneficial.  But learning later in life, and individuals with certain disabilities can reap the rewards as well.  Let’s face it, if a game is FUN, we are more likely to stick with it.

  Maura, a former Elementary school teacher saw a need for children’s tennis picture books in the early 90’s. She was also concerned about the rise in childhood obesity in America and felt tennis would be sport to help young kids keep fit.  When she was teaching her youth tennis classes,  she wanted her students to have something they could read or have their parents read to them.  “It reinforces what they have learned and it can often get the parents interested in playing.  Tennis can be a fun family sport.” While raising her son and daughter,  the writing journey began. . . Many years later, Murphy Bear’s Tennis Lesson and Murphy the Tennis Bear visits the US Open was created. (Murphy the Tennis Bear Plays Pickle Ball will be published soon). The books are entertaining and brightly illustrated.  The theme is the tennis connection of FUN, fitness and eating healthy… And tennis basics are included in the stories.  Her books sell at the US Open Bookstore at the US OPEN, Amazon, B&N.com and on this site.   Maura Moynihan has been the official STORYTELLER since 2009 on Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the US OPEN in NYC.     






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