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murphfit with olympus camera1 Hi kids! I’m Murphy Bear and I love tennis! ! It’s music to my furry ears!!! Look at the great pictures I took of my friends on the tennis court!  


Rafa Rabbit practicing his backhand! Wow! He looks like a pro!


topspin group2aHere’s Erin, Gavan and me practicing our swing! What a good picture it turned out to be! We learned soooo much that day!
Looking good Gavan Gator! We had a lot of energy after eating our healthy snacks!


3 thoughts on “Post a Pic

  1. Comment test for first racquet…sample request…I want to send in my racquet pictures!!!! but there is a problem: no option for posting pictures in this email widget!!

  2. Suggestion: connect facebook to this with a drag and drop feature??? or some way to send pix from their cell phones?

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